Thursday, 20 February 2020 18:37

Dating advice - mistakes made when picking up women.

Picking up women Picking up women

Everybody knows that school doesn't prepare for real life. You graduate knowing bacterial cell structure, but you have no idea how to build a successful relationship or make serious money. Ok, you know a little bit about relationships, but let's face it, it's not always 100% reliable. Listen to our advice on how to pick up women.


You don't often have an opportunity to talk to girls that influence you. Your buddies are not experts in this matter either, so where would you learn all this? Not from movies, that's for sure... So here's the problem: how to talk to a girl to pick her up? What mistakes to avoid so that you don't strike out at the beginning?

Don't make mistakes!

Well, first of all, you need to find out what are the most common mistakes. When you know if you make any of them (or maybe all of them), then you'll have time to work on that and become a great conversationalist.
We could list a lot of mistakes, but today we'll focus on presenting only the most common ones. The worst tactic is to bore a girl with the conversation, for example by dragging endlessly a topic which isn't interesting to her whatsoever (you'll notice this if she only speaks in monosyllables such as 'aha, yep, mhm' etc.).

Don't jump from flower to flower

A lot of guys will jump from one extremity to another and instead of keeping a story relevant to a main topic, they change the subject all the time, just to catch her attention. Unfortunately, this way they come across as clowns who are desperately trying to entertain her. Take our dating advice today. Register for free on our best dating site.