Monday, 29 November 2021 14:10

What is a pedicab ride?

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Are you interested in pedicab advertising in San Diego? Here we tell you what is a pedicab in action with all its unique and attractive features which can be used to promote your brand, product, company, service, project, event, and whatever.


More about pedicabs

Pedicab is a small vehicle with a front driver seat, cabin, and a semi-weatherproof cover. Being considered as a non-motorized mode of transport, it can still be equipped with an electric or gas engine. Configurations can vary, including designs with a driver sitting behind passengers. Mostly this vehicle is designed to house a couple of passengers. The total capacity is usually about 300 pounds.

The main virtues of these cars are:

  • small size and cornering ability allowing it to avoid traffic jams;

  • accessibility and affordability possible due to its simplicity and speed limits;

  • unusual design which attracts people and provides them with new drive experience.

The pedicabs are comfortable in particular when you ride in fine weather and can be used for advertising.

How can you use pedicab rides?

So, pedicabs are an original alternative to the traditional taxi and public transportation in American cities. They are very popular to give guests of the city tours around the sites. At the same time, they are widely used to promote local businesses with their logos and ads printed on the cabins. In Urban Pedicabs, you can find out the terms of such service, rent a pedicab and place an order for printing in Print Shop. You’ll get:

  1. the perfect possibility to attract attention of all people viewing this cab and guarantee an advertising effect;

  2. and an efficient tool to earn without extra expenses because here maintenance costs are rather low while mechanical repairs are not frequent. 

Locals and guests of the city adore these vehicles with a pedaling driver due to their eco-friendly concept and slow ride making the city’s sites easy to view. If you are going to earn as a pedicabber, you are suggested to consider all factors which may influence your income including location, weather, and rental fees. Shift schedules are also important because during high season, it is not so easy to find a vehicle at a fair price. But the most pleasant part of your earnings here is money you get from an advertising client. 

At you can find the phone number and contact us to ask any questions you have related to advertising on pedicabs. We work to make your business more efficient!