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Why is exercise so important for every child?

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There is a significant deficit of outdoor activities and exercise among children today. This primarily due to long hours at school and the digitization of every form of entertainment.

The modern child would rather watch TV or play on a tablet than go out to the playground. What if I told you that there is a way for your child to get enough exercise in your garden or even in their room?

Exercise protects children from obesity

The obesity problem in European Union countries is on the rise. It is caused by too little exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. These problems affect not only adults, but also an increasing number of children. Long hours of sitting at school and electronic entertainment eliminate movement from the daily life of today's 5-10 year olds. The consequence of this is that children's stamina and physical condition are steadily deteriorating.

Therefore, parents today want to provide their children with as much exercise as possible, which they simply need. Through movement and physical activity, children get rid of "excess energy", making it easier for them to concentrate. It is for this reason that movement should be an important part of every child's daily life. How do you ensure the right amount of exercise for your child? Try climbing frames and wall bars!

Climbing frames and wall bars - a great way to give kids the right amount of exercise

If you're wondering if it's even possible to provide the right amount of exercise for children today, the answer may surprise you - of course it is! Climbing frames are an excellent solution that works well in virtually any type of outdoor space. Such ladders can be easily mounted on the wall of a school or on a garage. This provides the child the right amount of outdoor exercise, and above all, it’s fun! After all, children love to climb and have always done so.

The second solution is to exercise indoors. Wall bars, due to their minimalist form, can be very practically integrated into the child's room. What's more, there are many different color versions available so you can choose a color which matches the interior design of the room!

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