Tuesday, 25 May 2021 15:33

4 Tips That Will Help Your Wooden House Last Forever

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Living in a wooden home gives you immense pleasure and good health. One of the first great points of log cabins is that you can enjoy a beautiful structure with stunning indoors and charming outdoors.


When it comes to wood, elegance, and charm are naturally available in woods, so you don't have to worry about aesthetics. But, owning a wooden home is not enough; to increase the life of your log house, you need to focus on the following things.

Choosing the right materials

You will protect the longevity of a wooden home before you even build it by choosing the right building materials. You should consult a specialist to ensure that you are investing in strong wood varieties that are properly seasoned and can withstand any weather conditions.

Even if you are on a tight budget, selecting the wood used to build your home should not be a cost-cutting exercise.

Minimizing exposure to harsh elements

The way a house is built determines how long it lasts, not just how well it is maintained over its lifetime. To prevent the wood and its natural shade, it is critical to use materials as well as solutions that protect the wood from UV rays, dust, rain, and snow.

When you apply a coat of protective element on logs, then your log cabins can last longer without getting damaged. You can use any type of wood-friendly oil to cover the logs so that the harsh elements cannot damage your log home.

Reduce exposure to rain during construction

Wood is a durable material that can get soaked if left to dry properly, so it is best to avoid exposure to water during the construction process. This will help to prevent warping, shrinkage, or swelling of logs and will not affect the design of your log home too.

On the other hand, if your logs get wet due to rain during construction, then they may shrink or swell later. So, be very careful and build a log home during sunny days.

Use a suitable stain or paint

When you build a house, you must seal the raw materials, so choose your stain or paint carefully. Consider the climatic conditions that your log cabin house will be exposed to daily and use them as a guideline.

So, if you live in an area with a lot of rain every year, you'll want to use a stain that provides waterproof protection to log home. Make sure to apply the stain on every log and do not skip any areas, as this could lead to heartbreak in the future.

Final words

Log cabins not only look beautiful, but they also give you a healthy living. If you own a log home, then you need to follow the above-mentioned tips to increase the life of your wooden house. When you care for your log house, it will last longer for decades.