Monday, 08 March 2021 12:13

Furniture accessories are the foundation of good furniture condition

Cabinet hinges Cabinet hinges

Furniture accessories are items that are generally invisible. Apart from cabinet handles, backlighting or similar things, furniture accessories are not seen.

However, they play a very important role in furniture. Elements for opening the couch allow it to be unfolded. Drawer slides ensure that drawers can be opened easily. There are many examples. So it is always worth remembering to make sure that the furniture accessories are as good as possible.

Is it worth replacing functional furniture accessories?

Many people wonder if there is a point in replacing working furniture accessories with better ones. It turns out there is, and a big one at that. Cabinet hinges can be replaced with ones that are of better quality or allow easier closing of the furniture. You may want to replace the drawer runners with ones that guarantee their automatic closing. It is also a good idea to do without handles and to install accessories that make it possible to open cabinets, for example, by pressing on them.


Replacing furniture accessories with very modern or unusual ones, unfortunately, you have to reckon with expenditure. Sometimes it is not inconsiderable, as accessories that enable automatic closing of drawers, for example, are much more expensive than classic ones. The same is true of elements which allow opening cabinets without furniture handles. However, it is worth being aware that this is actually an expense for years. It is also important that new furniture accessories will improve the comfort of the furniture.

Is everyone able to replace furniture accessories with other ones?

There are some people who are even afraid of such work as replacing furniture accessories with others. Quite unnecessarily, as these are not very complicated works. A person who can hold a screwdriver or a wrench, knows how to use a drill or other devices, will replace furniture accessories in a moment. Of course, to the work itself you need to pay a lot of attention. A mistake in such work may cause not only difficult opening of the drawer or cabinet, but even make it impossible. Therefore, it is always worth checking everything several times and only then decide on the assembly. It is also very important to purchase the right accessories. They must match the furniture. They must also be the right dimensions, both the appropriate length and thickness. Accessories mounted in the holes of the furniture must be the same as the previous. They can work differently, but the shape of the element mounted in the hole of the furniture must be the same, to avoid - for example - widening the hole.

Properly purchased furniture accessories and properly installed will work for a long time in the furniture, ensuring trouble-free use.