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Cottages by the lake. Where to go on vacation?

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We are tempted by accommodation offers in vast mountains, seaside towns, and Masurian lakes.

The quarters above the vast upland-lowland areas are also attractive. In each of these places there is no shortage of cool offers from holiday resorts, guesthouses, hotels and wooden summer houses. Usually, for a family vacation, we choose places by the water with the option of sunbathing and swimming. Water equipment rentals are also welcome. Such a place is, for example, Sielpia in Świętokrzyska by a picturesque lake. As the statistics show, the most-chosen option for holiday accommodation are holiday cottage offers. We can ask the question: why this form of relaxation? The answer is simple. Taking advantage of the possibility of accommodation in summer houses, we will be able to stay close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. A huge advantage is also the possibility of organizing a family fire or barbecue.

There are many less known and charming lakeside towns in our country. An example may be the aforementioned Sielpia Wielka located in the Kielce Land in Central Poland. During the summer months, the summer resort offers accommodation for about six thousand tourists. The picturesque location by the lake and the river among fragrant, resinous pine forests has contributed to the fact that satisfied tourists return there with great fondness. The water reservoir with the infrastructure has been modernized in recent years. Now there are new sandy and wide beaches, the pier, service and catering facilities have been renovated, new accommodation facilities, parking lots and roads have been built. There are modern canoe, pedal boat and boat rentals. There are romantic bars, cafes and restaurants right on the lake. The youngest will be delighted with the rope park and the amusement park. As for the accommodation base, the above-mentioned wooden summer houses constitute the largest number. Sielpia Wielka is often called the pearl of Kielce Land by regular visitors, and the Świętokrzyska Ibiza by one of the main Kielce newspapers, "Echo Dzień"!

Sielpia is also an ideal starting point for exploring the not so distant Świętokrzyskie Mountains. There, it is worth going to places such as: the Raj Cave, Święty Krzyż with terraces in Gołobór, the old Bartek Oak, Oblęgorek, the Museum of the White Eagle in Skarżysko Kamienna, the Museum of the Kielce Countryside in Tokarnia. It is worth adding that in Sielpia itself there is the largest water-powered wheel in Europe (almost 9 meters in diameter) in the Museum of the Old Polish Basin. Tourist routes leading through Sielpia Wielka are also attractive, including the longest bicycle route in Poland - Green Velo. While on vacation in Sielpia, you can go on a hiking or biking trip (along the blue trail) to the villages of Heaven and Piekło, a few kilometers away. So, being in Sielpia, you can find yourself in Heaven. An attractive place nearby is the Gagaty Sołtykowskie nature reserve, where they can find dinosaur tracks.

In sum. By choosing the right accommodation offer for holidays and an attractive holiday home, we will make a family vacation attractive for both adults and children.