Tuesday, 18 February 2020 12:04

Forex Trading a quick way to make money for investors: but risky

Forex Trading Forex Trading

The foreign exchange means the International Change market. This market has got very much important in last three to four years. More and more investors are entering in this market and according to a survey report, within the US, the total volume of this market stands at about $ 1.5 trillion.

This volume is around 3 times greater than the total volume of equity market of US alone.
The forex trading has been proved a good alternative for other unpredictable markets or avenues. There are different opportunities for the investors and they can earn handsome profit from this market. Previously there was the monopoly of all banks in this market and individual investors had no opportunity at that time. But now, due to the advancement in technology and increased level of awareness among different investors, the access to this market is very easy.

The individual investors can start investment with as little amount as $ 100. There are numerous brokerage houses that offer the accounts for forex trading. There are many advantages of forex trading and it has proved the most lucrative market for the investors. The main advantage of trading through this market is that there is no fee or commission, but if investors want to go in futures contract then they must have to pay the brokerage fee. Unlike other markets, the forex market is 24 hours available for the investors. The access on this market is unlimited as there is no central exchange and this market does not have any physical location.