Friday, 22 March 2024 16:51

Vans Customers Warned of Potential Fraud After Data Breach at Parent Company

data at VF Corporation data at VF Corporation pixabay

 Customers of the iconic shoe brand Vans have been put on high alert for possible fraud and identity theft following a data security breach at VF Corporation, the brand's parent company. The breach, which was detected in December 2023, saw unauthorized access to specific IT systems, raising concerns over the safety of customer information.


VF Corporation Faces Unauthorized Access

VF Corporation, which owns other major brands like Timberland, The North Face, and Dickies, reported the security breach involving unauthorized access to its IT infrastructure last December. Immediate measures were taken to address the issue, including the isolation of affected systems and the engagement of cybersecurity specialists to counteract the breach. Efforts were successful in expelling the intruders from the network by mid-December.

The Impact on Consumers

Despite assurances from VF Corporation that no detailed financial data or passwords were compromised, the personal details of customers such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, and both billing and shipping addresses might have been exposed. This has led to warnings that third parties may use the information for financial fraud or identity theft attempts. Customers have been advised to be vigilant for suspicious emails, text messages, and phone calls requesting personal information.

In response to the data leak, VF Corporation has reached out to law enforcement agencies and announced a review of its cybersecurity policies to strengthen customer data protection. Consumers are encouraged to keep an eye on their accounts and be alert to any signs that might indicate unauthorized use of their data.