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How to Become a Mechanic through Proper Training Programs

How to Become a Mechanic How to Become a Mechanic

For those interested in finding out how to become a mechanic, the first step will be to find an accredited program that will qualify you for entry level positions in the field. The mechanic is skilled at working on and repairing trucks and cars. The job of the mechanic will involve evaluating a vehicle’s overall condition, inspecting parts and components, making repairs and diagnosing issues.

As a mechanic you will also perform oil changes and routine tune-ups. Here we’ll tell you the steps you need to take in order to work as a professional in this field as well as take a closer look at the additional certification programs available that can significantly increase your annual salary.

How to Qualify for a Program

To work in this field an individual will need to have their high school diploma or GED and have completed an accredited one year certificate program or have an associate’s degree in automotive technology. While there is no certification required in order to work in the field as a mechanic, an employer will prefer to employ mechanics that have obtained their certification through the ASE or other type of accredited mechanic organization.

Certification is offered in five different categories; electrical systems, brakes, engine repair and automatic transmissions. To earn the certification for a specialty area the mechanic will need to complete an additional training program and pass a fifty to one hundred multiple choice certification exam.

In order to make more money in this type of position the professional mechanic can also apply for the master mechanic certification exam. To qualify for this type of certification the mechanic will need to have completed a formal education program and will need to have two years of work experience in a professional garage.

Automotive Technology Programs

By enrolling in this type of program the professional mechanic will find it’s significantly easier to land employment with a formal education background. Courses in this type of program will include topics for steering, engine repair basics, suspension, electrical systems, climate control and transmissions. A three to six month apprenticeship will also be required in order to graduate.

As a mechanic you can work for dealerships, private manufacturers and professional garages. There are some employers out there that will prefer to hire mechanics that are fresh out of school in order to train them specifically on how their garages are run and to provide their professional mechanics with experienced assistants.

Now that you know how to become a mechanic you can begin by taking mechanic courses in high school or look for an accredited mechanic’s program, which can be found through vocational schools, technical schools and most trade schools.