• The most popular book-related location on Instagram is Piazza Navona in Italy, with over 395,000 hashtags
• J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series makes the most appearances, with five mentions in the top 20 – 715,754 hashtags in total
• Glencoe, Scotland is the second most popular book-inspiring location (over 384,000 hashtags)
• England is the most popular book-related location, with 9 appearances in the top 20

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For the last four decades there have been thousands of news reports announcing the coming of widescale automation and the wonders of expert systems. But what was so often heralded as a revolution has turned out to be very slow to progress and largely confined to assembly and processing operations in the automotive, food and electronics sectors. Are companies outside these sectors frightened of automation, or are there other forces at work?

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